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Very nicely written article! I agree with you on several points. A little background on myself, first of all....I was raised in RABID Republican household. "Obama", "climate change", and "tax increase" were words best not uttered around my family. As I grew up and spent time with people of all walks of life, it became very apparent to me that I had been raised to look at the world in a very obscure light. My opinions and ideology changed in ways I never imagined possible. That being said, I've got to agree with you that neither of these candidates are suitable for such a high office. I look at Trump and Clinton like this: Clinton is a typical politician. She will promise everything and deliver on very little of it. Nothing new here, world keeps on spinning. On the other hand, Trump is a DANGEROUS person. I'm confident that if he's elected, his poor judgment and hair-trigger will result in awful, awful things for America and other countries. I understand people's many frustrations with the Obama administration and Clinton will perpetuate it. But Trump is another beast all together. That's my two cents. I'll continue to look for the silver lining in this one. Thanks again for a great review!!

So, I have heard many of my friends from either side of the isle comment over who won the debate (of which I saw no elements of a debate at least like any that I have ever participated in) on last Monday Sept. 26th. I have heard the comments about; Whethe
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