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About Us


“ur12bheard.com” was an idea or intellectual property founded and created by Jeremiah Nelson in 2006 and is currently in the process of being further developed. It is a fully functional internet based sociopolitical networking site. Rudimentary in its design the current web address for this site is ur12bheard.com. “ur12bheard.com” currently operates under B Heard Enterprises LLC, owned by Jeremiah Nelson. It is hoped that within the first two years of operation we will develop into a corporation of shareholders with a projected (IPO) sometime around Q1 through Q3 of the second year.

The website ur12bheard.com is a trade name registered to B Heard Enterprises LLC of West Virginia. Our product is a unique internet based sociopolitical networking website. It is the very first of its kind. The benefits and features of our product include but are not limited to:  

1)     Website that will allow users to create their own page and or platform designed specifically around their political viewpoints and ideas and shares them with others, as well as the ability to update their status on this network and possibly others, simultaneously.

2)     Will encourage interaction with and access to their political representatives at all levels; local, state and federal.

3)     Provide the opportunity for representatives, as well as citizens to conduct a political forum. Live or previously recorded.    

4)     Provide the ability to participate in polls and surveys on political issues at local, state and federal levels. 

5)     Offer the ability to conduct legal research of their interest.



Mission Statement 

Provide an unbiased platform via a website / political based social network, the purpose of the website and those involved is to: 

       Create and maintain an internet based forum which can be accessed by the public in order to allow them to express their own political views and or ideas as well as have access to others via; emails, comments, and discussion groups.

       Create and provide a central location that may be used to gain access to Political, News and Legal information for the public at local, state and federal levels. 


Target Market(s) 

                 Even though our idea is unique in its form the closest competition would be; Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn. Etc…. We will differentiate ourselves in order to stand out of the saturated market of social networking websites, and we will position ourselves as the ultimate internet platform to express political opinions. 


Targeted Segments: 

Key segments will be the 18 to 50 year old citizens, who are “connected” (as in technologically i.e. internet via, P.C.’s, Laptops ,tablets and mobile smartphones) but will also include the citizens politically active who are of legal voting age 18 and older including senior citizens that we may attract into our market. Citizens that are not politically active yet 18 and younger we will encourage to learn about politics via a membership at our website. Our Customer needs or value will be based upon the premise that everyone has an opinion and is generally ready to share it and we will be waiting there with a new and exciting avenue that they can use to share this opinion. A website for those younger than the age of 18 may be created later or may possibly be created concurrent to present social network with limited function. 

Market Segments can include: 

i.                    Political Affiliation

ii.                  Age 

iii.                Sex 

iv.                Income 

v.                  Education Level 

vi.                Occupation 

vii.              Location (region, neighborhoods) 

viii.            Lifestyle (psychographics, hobbies) 

ix.                 Business Organization (size, industry)

x.                   Religion