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On the Presidential Debate, (Heads up the last two questions may leave you awe-struck!)
On the debate last night, in my opinion! 
While I am not endorsing either candidate and am amazed by the fact that this is who we have for our top two candidates. Both are probably unfit to lead a line of "follow the leader" let alone be President. However this is who we are left with and as much as most hate to admit it, one of these two will be our next president. A couple of issues I would like to address to both.
Donald Trump, release your tax records already! we all know you took tax deductions and that you are under audit and frankly nobody cares, we all take tax deductions and would consider you and ourselves idiots if we didn't. This is a "yuge" concern to me! Stop the bellyaching and whining, so what if the IRS finds you made a mistake or a comma out of place, pay the fine and go on. Secondly stop lying about what you've said or done in the past admit it and move on!
I would also like to address Hillary Clinton on a couple of items that I wanted to hear her response on. 
1. She forgot to answer the questions, about her treatment of women that had come out about how Bill sexually assaulted them. Didn't she claim to be someone that has always fought against mistreatment of women and victims of sexual assault? 
You got on to Donald about his 1973 $0 settlement against his Father Fred Trump, him and Trump management over the DOJ's racial discrimination lawsuit that violated the FHA, but made no mention of the $850,000 you paid to Paula Jones to settle her lawsuit against Bill for his sexual harassment. (Is this why you left the White House broke and in debt, all the settlements?)
2. Or how about giving the 25 million back from the Clinton foundation to Qatar and Saudi Arabia, over their treatment of women, LGBT, and Christians.
One more issue that I would like to ask her about is that most states have laws that abortions should not be performed after 20 wks (5 months) unless otherwise allowed by state for late term abortions this is because studies show that after 20 wks it is more dangerous for both mother and child. 
The current liberal left wants to move this to 26 wks (6 1/2 months) or later to 36 wks (9months) if need be. 
My question is, Why would this time line need to be changed? 
Some say that the "fetus" or premature baby cannot survive outside the womb before the 24-26 week mark for that I give you. James Elgin Gill (born on May 20, 1987, Ottawa, Canada) was the earliest premature baby in the world. He was 128 days premature (21 weeks and 5 days gestation) and weighed 1 pound 6 ounces (624 g). He survived and is quite healthy. Amillia Taylor is also often cited as the most premature baby at 21 weeks and 6 days and weighed only 10oz. 
The left has never answered that question, of the need to extend the late term abortion limits and even Hillary on the TV show "The View" said, even hours before the birth of a baby in its third trimester has no constitutional rights. So it is implied that she would support abortions even up to the day of birth. 
This is where Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood and eugenics supporter comes in to play. Hillary received the Margaret Sanger award in 2009. Eugenics believes that "the poor" no matter what their ethnic background is, are that way because they are genetically deficient or stupid, ignorant and uneducated and do not have any business reproducing. Planned Parenthood is not designed for the rich it is designed to eliminate the poor and needy by eliminating more mouths to feed, it is the silent genocide of a society that they deem unfit to reproduce. 
They do all this in the false narrative that this a humanitarian effort & that they actually care about women's health. I would understand if any woman had an abortion because of rape, incest or other medical situation that could endanger her life, however outside of extenuating circumstances the first two would be known and addressed early in the pregnancy, the last possibly a little later on and I feel that exceptions could be made. However I do not feel that abortions should ever be used as a device for birth control or unwanted pregnancies.
In closing I would like pose a couple more questions to the general public to show how far our society has gone:
1. Do you know where your local animal shelter is?
2. Do you know where your local adoption center for children is? 
Sadly enough most can answer the first question right off the bat, but would have to "google" the second one. Why does your local news, show pets that need adoption, but not children? 
God help us! 
Rant over. 
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