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On the debate last night, in my opinion!    While I am not endorsing either candidate and am amazed by the fact that this is who we have for our top two candidates. Both are probably unfit to lead a line of "follow the leader" let alone be President. How
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So, I have heard many of my friends from either side of the isle comment over who won the debate (of which I saw no elements of a debate at least like any that I have ever participated in) on last Monday Sept. 26th. I have heard the comments about; Whethe
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When filing for the candidacy of the President of the United States one must give a filing of their assets and liabilities so for your viewing pleasure take a look at the top two candidates for POTUS and see where their income comes from! Hillary Clinton'
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Today I want to give everyone a chance to look at the money that has been raised and or spent by our top candidates for POTUS this should help give a little insight  into their campaign. some have spent quite a bit and some haven't some have got a lot of m
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Most of us find our healthcare a very important issue in the upcoming election. You will find below the comparisons of how they feel on healthcare reform. As always some are longer than others. My only exception to the healthcare reform issue is Gary John
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Here is what I've been able to glean from the top four POTUS candidates on their views on immigration reform. Please don't hesitate to comment your thoughts below or share on social media. What so you like or dislike about their platform on Immigration ref
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So directly from each of the four major contenders for POTUS here are their plans for boosting the economy or related information on how they will "fix the economy", with references linked to their websites. In the famous words of James Carville, (Bill Cli
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As always I like to bring things from the "horses mouth" or actually factual, so over the next week I will be trying to bring factual information on where our major presidential candidates stand on particular issues. I would like to know how or why people
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